The end of prehistory (Spotify mobile has ‘history’ now)

I just received a fantastic update for Spotify Mobile app in iOS. There are two new features worth of comment and praise: “History” and “Add Songs” at “Liked Songs”.

History in particular is something essential that feels long overdue. Spotify Desktop app have had it for a long time, but in a quite rudimentary way and a hard to find place. Apple Music has a nice history implementation for some time but it only shows the listening history for that particular device.

Spotify Mobile now seems to have done it right: available as an icon in top right corner of the home page (a clock with a an arrow going counter-clockwise), it clearly shows a list of all songs, artists, albums and playlists played day by day for the past three months. As I understand, this is the global listening history of the user, across all devices and Spotify connect, which is a huge plus. I think and hope this will be extremely useful for many people.

“Add Songs” is a great treat for users who like to collect “liked songs” (aka a song library). First there is a neat Search box which makes it much handier and expedite to search Spotify catalog for songs, artists and albums to like/add than before (The main Search tab has been becoming quite a powerful beast, displaying not only artists, albums and songs but also playlists, podcasts & shows, episodes, profiles etc.).

The Second element of Add Songs is a collection of lists of songs that could be added with one click (there is an empty heart icon next to each song). There is a list on the first screen and swiping right I can access another three lists. List 1 is “most played”, List 2 for me was “Dance Rock for you”, “List 3 is Classic Rock for you” and List 4 is “Recently played”.

And the lists are generous: I did a brief counting, and I think that ‘most played’ has over 50 items, maybe a 100.

In my opinion, the song library is an essential element of a music streaming service, and it is nice to see Spotify working on improving it.

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