Browsing classical music the right way

Anyone who ever searched for classical music on major streaming knows that the current situation is far from ideal. Today I decidde to try one of those services that specialise on classical music, in my case it was IDAGIO. 

I enjoyed so much the way they organised browsing the library that I decided to document the experience on the iPhone.

1. Here is the main page, organised in 4 areas:
– Discover
– Browse
– Moods
– C


2. Let’s focus on the Browse tab. There is a search field, plus quite a few lists sorting by
– Composer
– Ensembles
– Soloists
– Conductors
– Instruments
– Genres
– Periods


3. Let’s choose a composer. Why not the incomparable Anton Bruckner? Here is his page. Now we can browse all his compositions organised by:
– Recordings
– Works
– Albums


4. This is getting interesting. All works by Bruckner neatly listed! And for him we can choose, beyond “all kinds”:
– Orchestral
– Sacred Vocal
– Secular Vocal
– Chamber


5. The Orchestrals work by Bruckner! 

We scroll down towards our favorite symphonies and… the ‘Romantic’ is listed by its three different versions!


5. Now we have a listing of all available records of the ‘Romantic’ (Version 1887-1888)!


6. We can filter them by Ensembles or Conductors:

Did you know that Idagio offers 26 recordings of the Bruckner’s ‘Romantic’ Symphony (Version 1887-1888)? Now you do.


7. This is really cool: we can sort the recordings by:
– Date of release
– Popularity
– Date added to the service


8. Here they are, recordings sorted by popularity. You don’t have to “agree” with this popularity rating, but I think is a great starting point.


9. This is screen for a particular recording:


10. Finally, for curiosity. This is the album where the recording comes from. 

And here we are, the end of our browsing journey, where we chose Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4 ‘Romantic’ (Version 1887-1888), with Sergiu Celibidache and the Münchner Philarmoniker. According to the screenshots, the entire browsing took less than three minutes.


11. P.S.: the album page has a second screen, for additional information. For this recording there is only a release date.

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