A Home for Playlists

Apple Music employs a full time of music experts carefully creating, and constantly updating, many unique playlists with excellent music choices and careful sequencing. Most lists even have original, striking cover arts.

When users click on a playlist, the first option in the action menu is “Add to Library”.

And this is where the magic stops: “adding to the library” means on the Mac that the name of the playlist will be unceremoniously added to a grey list in the left bottom corner of the screen, among all the other playlists that have been created, joined or added. 

In my Mac, I counted four and half screens to scroll all playlists (and folders) in my library. As far as I know, you cannot even put Apple Music playlists in a folder. 

In iOS at least you can sort them by date added, date last played, alphabetically or “type”. It is also nice that the iOS list show the cover art for every playlist. The problem is that I can see only 4 (iPhone 8) or 5 (iPhone 7 Plus) playlists at the time.. As I have more than 120 playlists, this is going to be a long scroll if ever want to listen “Weekend Downtime” again.

It is too bad that there is not a “home” for all added playlists, where they can better presented and organised. It could be something like the Photos app on the Mac, where there are several, several ways to manipulate a large number of files.

I think that Apple Music playlists deserve it. (Spotify “liked” playlists too!)

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