My Dream Streaming Service

Everybody dreams about the perfect streaming app right? Right? Or is it just me? Anyway, here is a list of my favorite features from the current apps I am familiar with:

  1. The amount of information from Spotify (number of plays for every song, playlist; number of followers for every artist
  2. The like/heart/add button is always visible (Deezer)
  3. Easy way to share/search user playlists (Spotify)
  4. Music videos (Tidal)
  5. Curated playlists (Apple)
  6. The name of the editor of curated playlists (Deezer)
  7. Archive of previous versions of a playlist (None)
  8. Deep integration with (Spotify)
  9. 5-star ratings besides hearts/likes (Apple)
  10. Streamed songs are automatically saved to a cache and available in offline mode (Qobuz)
  11. Offline mode easy to navigate and visualize (Apple)
  12. For any song playing, easy to see a list of related recommended songs (Tidal used to have, now hidden in mobile app)
  13. Spotify Connect (Spotify)
  14. Autoplay similar songs (Spotify, Apple in iOS 14)
  15. Real music recommendations by particular people with a particular taste and not particularly trying to “maximise engagement” (Qobuz)
  16. Synchronised queue across devices (Deezer)
  17. Booklets (Idagio, Qobuz)
  18. Track/album credits (Tidal)
  19. Daily mixes (Spotify, Tidal)
  20. Good organisation of classical music (Idagio)
  21. “Kids” mode, “party” mode where the music played does not “pollute” the recommendations (none)
  22. Easy way to see, select, change streaming quality (Tidal, Deezer)
  23. Friend activity (Spotify Desktop)
  24. “Flow” (Deezer)
  25. Support for anthologies (none)
  26. Discover Weekly (Spotify)
  27. Lossless audio (Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer)
  28. HD audio/MQA (Tidal, Qobuz)

07/29/20 Update: a Rquiem for Rdio


  1. Interesting list – thank you! #15 really resonates – I’d love for you to check out a curated service I started – Craft Brewed Music®. Small batch streaming – better music for serious listeners. Happy to set you up with a subscription if you’d like – email me.

  2. I am looking for a superuser feature which I think used to be in what Echo Nest devs called “Truffle PIg” and it was based on Echo Nest spectral analysis as a playlist building tool for Spotify editors (it may still be). I’d like to be able to find songs that are like the song I’m playing purely based on sound, not on genre, collaborative filtering, or other recommendation tech. Purely based on sound and the dimensions of sound, for a sample of or an entire song.

    For example, play the electro bass synth intro to Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue and show me all songs that have that kind of sound. You might find, for example, that oddly enough, it is similar to Joe Jackson’s “Steppin Out” intro.

    I feel like when I use Spotify’s “more songs like this” I am treated to a stereotype of that song, not an appreciation of the music in that song. I’d like more control over recommendations and spectral analysis is one part of it.

    1. That would be awesome indeed. As I remember Echo Nest had a few hundred classification criteria, t would be nice see them in action. (My first search would be the super cheesy synth line of “Twist of Fate” (Olivia Newton-John / David Foster). I remember hearing it first on “America Yeah” from “Team America World Police” by the South Park guys.

      At least Spotify just “shows” the list of songs. The similar Apple Music tool is “create station” and it immediately stops the music currently playing, play that song from begin and erases the queue…

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