Highlights from Spotify Investor Day (March 2018)

Spotify Investor Day, held in March 2018, right before Spotify’s stock Direct Listing.

Here is the full presentation, a 2 hour video.

Here is the full slideshow, 152 slides. (By the way, the site used to host the files, Relayto.com works really well.)

Some highlights from the slides:

  • 3,500 employees, 40% of them R&D
  • 35 MM tracks
  • >200 petabytes of data
  • >250 partners
  • 30% U.S. music listens happens in the car
  • >50 million use Spotify in the car
  • 3 billion music related events collected every day
  • 49 minutes per day spent on Spotify by the average user
  • 30%+ of streams are “algotorial”
  • 60% users converted from free channels into premium subscribers
  • 3+ million artists
  • 20,000 new pieces of content daily
  • 22,000 “top tier” artists in 2017 
  • 10 billion discoveries per month
  • BTS had 4.5 million monthly listeners then (14.4 million as of July 2020)
  • Premium subscribers use Spotify on average 80 minutes per day

I loved this graph:

Pasted Graphic 0

Some data from a shorter video about the business model:

  • “Radio is a $28 billion global market ripe for disruption”
  • 61% of MAUs are 18-34 year olds
  • R&D: 10% of revenues in 2017
  • “As of January 2018, Spotify is the number one app on time spent by Millennials”

This is funny: Beatles and Taylor Swift: This was then, this is now:

Pasted Graphic 1More interesting graphs:


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