Suggesting a Feature for Suggested Songs

If I could choose one feature to improve on music streaming apps, it is a recommendation of next tracks.

Tidal used to have a very nice implementation in the mobile app: in the main player screen, swiping right would bring a list of suggested tracks based on the song currently playing, each with a button to add to queue.

I think it is a great way to help users choose next songs, discover new or obscure stuff etc.

Unfortunately Tidal now uses swipe right to forward next track (even though there is a huge button for that on the screen) and the suggested tracks are hidden in the “…” button, where “Go to Track Radio” is the fourth option.

This option brings a list of suggestions, but the only action button is Play this song based “station”. To add a track to the queue you have to press its “…” and there “Play Next” is the fourth option.

It is a shame, we lose the option to easily and frequently discover new stuff without interrupting a listening session. Starting a song based station is something I do very rarely, while adding stuff to the queue I do all the time.

It is comprehensible that the services want to make it everything as easy and automatic as possible for passive, casual listeners but the relationship with a music service is a long term one. As more and more users become increasingly familiar with the services, they will want a bit more of power and flexibility for shaping their listening habits. “Suggested tracks to add to the queue” is a tool that could become very popular if done right, IMHO.

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