Spotify Field Research

This is wild: eye tracking glasses to really observe real-world use of Spotify throughout the day. Let’s hope all this work yields useful innovations…

We were most curious about how listeners interact with Spotify while they’re listening across contexts, like studying, cooking, exercising, or commuting. What draws people back to the app? What prevents listeners from interacting? While “let’s seek to understand how people interact with technology across different environments” may sound like a typical research objective, we were focused on observing the smallest details, the minutiae, of each interaction.

This research required a highly naturalistic setup. As the Hawthorne effect explains, hovering over people’s shoulders to observe what they are doing would likely influence their behavior in unnatural ways, thus compromising the research. We decided that eye-tracking would be the most observational and non-intrusive method.

The eye-tracking glasses used in this research look a lot like normal reading eyeglasses, but they’re equipped with several small cameras: one on the bridge of the nose, that captures the view in front of the participant, and one in each lens, capturing what their eyes are focusing on. Despite being laden with technology, it feels like wearing an ordinary pair of eyeglasses, providing freedom of movement and the ability to go about daily activities with ease.

via  Spotify Design