Recording & Remixing Roxy Music’s Avalon

Clearmountain made an impact straight away with his remix of ‘Dance Away’: “They said they wanted an R&B type of thing, but I remember at the time the drums weren’t doing the right thing. The bass drum wasn’t consistent enough, so I actually brought in a New York drummer to just play bass drum, and we added some percussion. Then the song wasn’t structured right. It was verse, chorus, verse, middle eight. [Legendary Atlantic boss] Ahmet Ertegun came over and he said ‘Where’s the second chorus? You’ve got to have another chorus in there.’ I didn’t know Roxy Music, I’d never met any of them, and I was thinking ‘How can you mess with their song?’ But we put the second chorus in and they loved it.”

via Recording & Remixing Roxy Music’s Avalon