It may be farewell, but not goodbye: Elton John has a lot left to say

John was 68 then. He’d been touring the world since the late ’60s. What he wanted, he realized, was to reorganize his life, with Furnish and the kids at its center. They began planning one more tour — an Elton John tour to end all tours, a kind of Viking funeral for some of the biggest pop songs of the 20th century. He has no plans to stop recording or performing live, but if you want to see him play outside Britain or the United States after this, you’ll have to book him privately — $3.4 million is his rumored quote. He likes the idea of doing a residency somewhere, maybe the Hammersmith Apollo in London, but he’d play only newer stuff, from albums like 2013’s “The Diving Board” — consummate late-period works that have languished in the shadow of his crowded back catalog until now.

via Los Angeles Times