More ST2

I guess that because precisely I enjoy this show so much – and it has/had so much potential to be really great –  that its plot shortcomings bother me so much…

Speaking of which, a good chunk of Season 2 is occupied by retroactively walking back all the consequences that made last season feel so affecting. Because what are the answers to all of those burning questions Season 1 left us with?

What happened to Eleven? Oh, she apparently just waltzed right out of the Upside Down seconds after “sacrificing” herself. But what about those big government baddies running Hawkins Lab, who were the main human antagonists and foils to Chief Hopper last time around? Welp, forget about all that, cause there’s a new guy in charge — and he’s actually pretty nice about it! Problem solved (offscreen).

Which is another issue with Stranger Things 2: Aside from banking on the audience’s goodwill toward Season 1 (while simultaneously rendering it all pretty much moot), this season fails to introduce new characters, plots, or threats in any compelling way.

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