Novak Djokovic looks like he’s lost a step or two

Joe Posnanski:

There were 23 grand slam finals from the 2010 U.S. Open to the 2016 French. Djokovic won 11 of them, just about half. He reached the final in seven more of them. He reached the semifinal in three more. That means only once in those years did Djoker fail to reach a semifinal […]

Djokovic accomplished the staggering consistency with his unique talent for problem solving. Unlike Roger Federer or Pete Sampras, he doesn’t have the serve to help him ace his way out of trouble. Unlike Rafael Nadal, he doesn’t play with the brute force that can overwhelm an opponent. Djokovic, when he’s at his peak, wins by transforming himself into your worst nightmare. If you have a gigantic serve, he neutralizes it, blasting back your serve the way mirrors return laser beams in the movies. If you rely on consistency, he becomes a backboard, seemingly never missing a shot, seemingly never get tired. If you are an attacking player with big groundstrokes, he chases down your shots again and again, making you hit four, five, six winners in one point, and even that might not be enough.

Source: Sports on Earth

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