Ask the iTunes Guy: Your questions about the iOS 10 Music app

Why it is so hard to make a good queue?

Q: I like to use Up Next on my iPhone, and sometimes I want to clear its contents to add new music to it. I don’t see any way to do this in iOS 10. Is it possible to clear the Up Next queue?

Alas, no. I don’t know why Apple removed something as simple as that. And even deleting tracks isn’t easy. You swipe from right to left, as you do in many other apps, but for some reason, any vertical movement during the swipe moves a track up or down, and doesn’t display the red Remove button. But you wouldn’t want to swipe and delete every track. The only thing you can do is just put up with it, in the hopes that Apple will restore this function.

Related to this, there is no longer a play history that you can see from the Up Next menu, as you could in the past. This is also a shame, since sometimes you’re listening to something and you forgot what it was, and you want to go back and check. Or you want to go back and play some of your favorite songs again. Let’s hope that Apple restores that feature too.

via Macworld

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