Everything in the Music Industry Has Changed Except the Song Itself

A personal favorite was Vulfpeck, an indie band that released Sleepify, a collection of silent tracks they persuaded their fanbase to stream while sleeping. Spotify paid out $20,000 in royalties, but pulled the album for unspecified reasons. Meanwhile, John Cage’s “4:33,” a pillar of modern music, is available on Spotify, in several versions. It’s silent, though Cage argues that there’s no such thing. (His book, Silence, goes into it in depth.) I have never understood why no one took the Vulfpeck issue seriously enough to consider the Spotify takedown an act of censorship, which, by definition, it is. Instead, it was branded a stunt. This, while people pay to see Duchamp’s urinal in the Tate Modern.

via  Medium.