16 soundtracks to TV shows that didn’t need and/or deserve them

4-5. Beverly Hills, 90210: The Soundtrack (1992); Beverly Hills, 90210: The College Years (1994)

Remember that one time Color Me Badd showed up at the Peach Pit to serenade the kids? (Brandon, ever the dutiful servant at Nat’s throwback diner, practically mopped up their hormone-charged drool at the end of his shift.) The guest spot was just another stunt by producers of the Fox juggernaut who failed to realize fans were always too deep in the throes of the Dylan/Brenda/Kelly love triangle to notice such frivolous nonsense. The frivolity didn’t stop there. Beverly Hills, 90210 spawned not one, but two soundtracks packed with artists that Steve Sanders couldn’t pick out of a lineup. The first, released in 1992, features a yacht-rock duet between Chaka Khan and Michael McDonald (“Time To Be Lovers”) and a random Diane Warren-penned track by Jody Watley that’s not nearly as memorable as her giant hoop earrings (“All The Way To Heaven”). And the second, released in 1994 and subtitled The College Years, heralded in the new Shannen Doherty-less era of the primetime soap with Aaron Neville (“I’ll Love You Anyway”). Funny that none of these singers headlined the crew’s foray into the club scene with the Peach Pit After Dark. A compilation featuring The Flaming Lips, Christina Aguilera, or the Brian Setzer Orchestra would better represent the show’s later years. [Janine Schaults]

via The A.V. Club.

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