Lefsetz – Too Much Of Everything


Radio played the best of everything, the deejay was trustworthy. Now radio has very narrow verticals and there are so many options, like Pandora and Sirius XM and iTunes Radio and… And you listen to streams that are completely different from what others listen to, so you don’t feel integrated into society.

Meanwhile, you’re inundated with new album releases. Here’s Robert Plant! Here’s Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett! Here’s someone you’ve never heard of! And they’ve all got albums in the neighborhood of an hour long and your time is eaten up trying to catch up with everything else, so in most cases you don’t even bother. You want music to be bite-sized, maybe you’ve got time for an EP, but that would require the artist to believe he’s not that important, not deserving of all your time, and they feel otherwise. Just like the people posting on Facebook, since they’ve got the tools, they want to use them, and then tell everybody to pay attention. And if you’re making you’ve got little time to listen, so you end up behind the curve and without influences, or you’re so busy social networking your music ain’t great.

via Lefsetz Letter.

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