Spotify Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself

So when the music streaming service Spotify — which I use almost exclusively these days — offered to to analyze my listening habits using a new tool it has developed, and algorithmically recommend new songs and artists to me, I immediately accepted.

Through its $100 million acquisition of The Echo Nest, a music data company, Spotify has cooked up an early prototype of an internal tool called Nestify to better analyze an individual’s listening history and recommend songs he or she might like. This is one of the first times the music streaming service has discussed the tool with a journalist or made it available to someone outside the company.1

And then I immediately regretted my decision. I recalled that I have terrible taste in music. Suddenly every drunken spin of Madonna was vivid in my mind. I remembered spending several days listening to boy bands for an article. And there was that time last summer when I listened to Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” marathon-style, uh, preparing for a story. Yeah. That’s why.

via FiveThirtyEight.

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