Watching Miami Vice for the Music

I recently watched an entire episode of Miami Vice for probably the first time as a deliberate action. I chose The Prodigal Son (S02E01) because it was the first featuring Bryan Ferry music.

The song in question, Windswept, appears only after 51 minutes (it was a double episode) but it was worth the wait. The song fits its scene very well. (Crockett returns to the apartment of dangerous blonde Margaret to get his gun back while a very 80s art party is going on).

It was quite shocking to hear a U2 song in the same show, tough.

Overall, it was a very entertaining experience, full of action, 80s music and amusing guest actors (Gene Simmons, a very young Penn Jillette)

Just the song list of the episode makes it clear how fun it was:

  • “Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)” by Billy Ocean (Crockett and Tubbs on Newton Blade’s boat)
  • “Glad” by Traffic (Crockett and Tubbs first meet Jimmy for breakfast)
  • “The Pleasure Seekers” by The System (In Club DEliRiOUS)
  • “Tell It Like It Is” by Aaron Neville (Tubbs and Valerie dancing)
  • “You Belong To The City” by Glenn Frey (Crockett walking streets and sitting in Club DEliRiOUS after escaping Sacco’s hit men)
  • “Many Rivers To Cross” by Joe Cocker (Valerie leaves club after dancing with Tubbs)
  • “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” by U2 (Crockett meets Margaret)
  • “Do You Believe In Love” by Huey Lewis and The News (Margaret and Crockett catch cab)
  • “White Stuff” by Fashion (Jimmy, Crockett and Tubbs going around NYC)
  • “Good Night, Ladies” by Lou Reed (Meeting with transvestite dealer)
  • “Goodbye Girl” by Go West (Crockett, Tubbs and Jimmy in Club DEliRiOUS)
  • “Windswept” by Bryan Ferry (Crockett gets his gun from Margaret)
  • “Rubbermiro” by Liquid Liquid (Crockett and Tubbs escape Sacco’s hit men)
  • “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins (Tubbs and Valerie in bed, Crockett getting ready for return to Miami)

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