Encountering Miles

Medium has a new music section,  Cuepoint, with a bunch of nice features. Let’s see how it evolves. This Miles Davis profile mentions a quite unexpected song:

Along the way, he dismissed some paintings immediately, rejecting them as “early” or otherwise flawed. At one point Sandra said “Wait! Go back to that one!” He did, and as he looked at the work, he recalled that this was a relatively recent piece, one of a number of paintings he did after returning from a tour. He explained that he was exhausted and a little bit sick of playing music when he got home; he spent the first week home talking very little and painting constantly. I asked what he remembered about the tour, what made it so grueling. He didn’t answer, instead leaving the room. He returned with a cassette, a board tape from one of the dates, saying that he hadn’t listened to this one, which several folks in his band regarded as a particularly good night. He popped it in, creating an unusual Miles Davis multi-media experience in his dining room: We pored over the vivid images of his art, accompanied by the tender, equally vivid sound of his band playing Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

via Cuepoint — Medium.

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