Jac Holzman’s Ask Me Anything

From 2013, by the founder of Elektra Records:

Did you think much of queen (or the doors too) when you first heard of them?

Well, I didn’t see them. I never saw Queen before decided to sign them. An English studio gave me a tape to listen to which showed their production work. That studio was Trident. But instead of listening to the production, I heard the band and instantly started to pursue them even though they were allegedly signed to Columbia. I found out that the contracts hadn’t even gone out from Columbia through Queen’s manager whom I chased all over the globe ’til I got him to listen to me. He was impressed by what we had done for The Doors and when the Columbia contract came through, not as agreed, they decided to sign with us. When I finally got to see the band, they were disappointing live performers. But, as you know, I loved working with them. I loved working with Queen. They were all brilliant and fun to hang with.

via Reddit.

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