The “double-cheating” (movie plot contrivance)

I saw it on two movies, and both times it was deeply unsettling: it is the second half of the movie, the protagonist, a cute girl who has a longtime boyfriend who currently is a few timezones away, meets a intriguing, sexy bad boy and is about to sleep with him. Miraculously, the girl does not need to cheat her nice and wholesome boyfriend: five minutes ago (in movie time) he just called her on the cell phone and told they were breaking off because whatever. So, soon there is a scene where she sleep with the mysterious etc. dude, and the plot moves forward, and the audience does not need to worry that the girl is a cheater.

It is a double cheating, and the victim is the movie audience and the movie coherence.

The two films in question where The Devil Wears Prada and Veronica Mars and in both the plot point was so obvious and opportunistic that it soured the whole film for me in each case. It is really an extreme case of movie producers wanting to have and eat the cake at the same time: the girl can switch from a boring guy to an exciting one, and she does not need to take responsibility for dumping the sensitive moron. It is just too cynical.


  1. I’d like to debunk what you’ve said with regard to Veronica Mars, because if you’re familiar with the story at all, you’d know that Veronica knew Logan far longer than her current boyfriend. In fact, the reason she came back and went timezones away from said current boyfriend was precisely because of Logan, who is her oldest friend. Who, she was dating in fact, before aforementioned “nice guy” even-keeled boyfriend came to the picture. While you theorize that it was a way of guilt-free switching boyfriends or something, for Veronica to finally prioritize and choose to stay in Neptune is a resolution to a story arc we’ve been robbed of since its cancellation. Moreover, it was a graceful exit for Piz, because his introduction to the universe was to prove the point that he was an outsider who didn’t belong there; the fact that he chose to end things with Veronica was him walking away with dignity, because he was never going to win in the first place. As a relatively new fan of the franchise, I feel so insulted by this post because it spits at the entire history of the series and the movie, which is a culmination of what the fans had been waiting for for 9 years.

    1. Sorry to upset you! Personally I agree with you, Logan and Veronica have a wonderful chemistry and great history together. Count me in Team Logan! What really bothers me is that if they were meant to go together, Piz leaving a message a breaking up at the exact most appropriate moment feels too convenient.

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