How do you organize a rock ’n’ roll cruise?

The “music fans on a cruise” thing has been happening for a long time, with the Where The Action Is Oldies Cruise featuring Paul Revere of Paul Revere And The Raiders in 2015! just marking 20 years at sea. But to casual observers, it’s only really exploded in the past five years, with everyone from Kid Rock to Coachella jumping on the floating venue trend. But while it’s easy enough to figure out how to throw a concert—get some speakers, get a room, and so on—how do you throw a cruise? And how do promoters get 2,000-odd people to shell out mega-bucks for the privilege of being stuck on a cruise ship with their favorite acts for three to seven days? Alan Koenig, head of Ask4 Entertainment, knows. His company produces a number of concerts at sea, including Motörhead’s Motörboat and ShipRocked, a hard rock-centric cruise that has hosted acts like Papa Roach, Korn, and Sevendust. The A.V. Club talked to him about passports, seasick artists, and what cruise lines are good for what types of music.

via The A.V. Club.

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