Kenny G, Starbucks investor

Q: Why did you leave Arista after 25 years on the label?

Kenny G: “I was with Arista forever, and Clive Davis was like family to me. But I wanted to do an album of original material, and that wasnt what they wanted me to do. I personally wanted to get back to my roots and explore doing creative things. Also, I think people are tired of cover records and they are hungry for original music.”

Q: How did you come to sign with Starbucks and Concord?

Kenny G: “I was actually one of the original Starbucks investors, and chairman Howard Schultz is a good friend. I presented the idea for the record to Concord and Starbucks, making it clear that I wanted to do a Latin album and write all the music. Everyone signed on, and Ive been really happy with the deal so far. I think the future of music retail is really in stores like Starbucks.”

via Reuters (2008 interview); hat-tip: Wikipedia.

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