Data Crunching the Pitchfork P2K Top 200 Albums List

We are still in August, but Pitchfork considers that half of the decade is already over, so they have cool lists of the best 100 albums, 200 songs and 50 videos of the decade so far.

So now it is an opportunity to look at this cool analysis of a list from the previous decade by Listomania:

Here we see the majority 110 albums of the P2K top 200 albums were reviewed comparably by other critics.  Only 40 albums on the P2K list were rated with more than 10 points difference on Metacritic.  Perhaps just as telling is the fact that, of the 200 P2K top albums of the decade, 76 appear on Metacritic’s top 200 of the decade list.

So while Pitchfork might maintain some “outsider status,” by reviewing albums that slip past the other mainstream critics Metacritic compiles 46 albums were reviewed by Pitchfork but not by Metacritic only 18 of these ‘outsider’ reviews are for albums from 2004-2009; either Pitchfork has become more mainstream or Metacritic has become more ‘outsider’ probably both are true; indie music has become increasingly popular throughout the decade and Pitchfork has increasingly given positive reviews to more mainstream music.

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