Quadrophenia.. in Stereo

The album was called Quadrophenia in part because it was planned to be issued in the quadraphonic format. What happened with that?

The parent company of Track Records, which was their UK label, was Universal and MCA, in the US in LA. Universal/MCA had adopted a certain system for this quadraphonic bullshit, which is all it was. It was supposed to be the next thing after stereo. But it was a bunch of crap. They took the stereo and they folded in out-of-phase tracks. It wasnt any kind of what we call discrete quad, where you have dedicated left-right front, left-right rear. When we tried a test mix halfway through with the album – when we finally got the equipment to encode these bullshit quad tracks ¬– we realized that the front-to-back separation was like 5dB [decibels]. It was like a big giant mono. And Pete said, “You know, I am not going to do a quad mix thats worse than the stereo mix. Period.” Why do anything like that? And that was it; whatever Pete said was it. He sent that memo to MCA. They were furious, I think, because they wanted to launch their whole quad thing with Quadrophenia, a Who album, the follow-up to Tommy, the whole kind of nine yards.

via nevison.

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