Rupert Loewenstein memoirs

I first came across Prince Rupert in the classic profile of Ahmet Ertegun by George Trow. He passed away recently. This is from his memoirs:

More than a decade earlier, my aunt Helga, then in her late 80s, had rung me saying: ‘I hear The Rolling Stones will be playing in Cologne next week. Since they have made money for the family I feel that I should hear them before I die.’

I got her the tickets and after the concert she was interviewed on German television and asked whether they had been too loud for her, to which she answered: ‘No, I am deaf.’

When she was asked what she thought of them, she said: ‘Psychologically most interesting.’

I concurred, then as now, with her assessment. I enjoyed around four decades of interest, not  only psychological, thanks to The Rolling Stones.

via Mail Online.

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