Alice In Chains – Last Action Hero Connection

Curious the origin of Jar of Flies:

The album struck a particular chord with Toby Wright, an up-and-coming record producer based out of L.A. who, like countless others during the summer of 1993, was disappointed by Last Action Hero—the Arnold Schwarzenegger meta-action-comedy crushed largely beneath the weight of its own hype. Wright, however, had a unique reason to hold a grudge against the movie. An engineer on Metallica’s …And Justice For All and Mötley Crüe’s Decade Of Decadence, he had been hired by Columbia to track two new Alice In Chains’ songs for the soundtrack.

It was originally a dream gig for Wright, which became reality when he met the Seattle four-piece in the studio, immediately bro’d down, and recorded both “A Little Bitter” and “What The Hell Have I?” with relative ease. But as Wright bounded into the studio to begin mixing, he was shocked to find another man (Nevermind mixer Andy Wallace) sitting at his console, mixing his tracks. “[Wallace] said Columbia brought him on to finish the tracks,” Wright said. “Apparently it was the A&R guy’s mistake. I was upset because I knew I could’ve killed it with those songs, but there were no hard feelings with the band.”

via With Jar Of Flies, Alice In Chains unleashed an accidental masterpiece · We’re No. 1 · The A.V. Club.

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