Some Thoughts on Pop

Mike Powell opines:

Before I go further, though, are you sure you know what popular music is? Some of Billboard’s top-selling albums this week are a soundtrack to a Disney movie, a Johnny Cash reissue from the 1980s, a Shakira album on the cover of which she is pictured holding an acoustic guitar, and a sinister-looking product by a band called Chevelle, who Wikipedia describes as “alternative metal, post grunge and hard rock,” none of which sound very Spring Fling to me.

And let’s not forget country music, that strange and independently functioning world within a world, hugely popular and yet invisible to many, the niche market that in fact accounts for a large portion of the pie. If you are a reader of this website, you probably know who Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus and Pharrell are. Maybe 2 Chainz, too, and definitely Drake. But what about Luke Bryan, an affable, goofy guy who has sold millions of records to people? Night after night he takes the stage at arenas across the country, swiveling his hips in bedazzled jeans, cocking his baseball hat with a rakish wink in his eye. Do you know Luke Bryan?

via Pitchfork.

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