ASCAP President Paul Williams on Expo 2014, Consent Decrees & Pastrami Sandwiches, Daft Punk (Q&A)

Amusing to describe someone as “inimitable”…

I have a spectacular life. This whole thing with Daft Punk was just…  To be 72-years old and win an Album of the Year Grammy  – that just doesn’t happen. It happened because these two guys. In 1974 I made a movie “Phantom of the Paradise” that no one saw – my family didn’t even go to this movie.  Those two guys met at a screening at the theatre where the “Phantom of the Paradise” was showing in Paris and they watched it 20 times over the years together. And they became huge fans of this movie. And the next thing you know their in a studio working on “Tron.” They brought in a piano player named Chris Caswell who is my musical director. He hears them talking about Paul Williams and how they’d like to work with him.  He says ‘Well, I just came off the road with him.”  They pick up the phone, call me and ask me if I can write some lyrics and sing one of their songs. So we don’t know the impact we’re going to have on somebody’s life today, five years from now, ten years from now, or even 80 years from now.

via Billboard.

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