Sophie Ellis-Bextor: ‘I don’t thrust myself in people’s faces like Lady Gaga’

And Ellis-Bextor really has fashioned a career. It’s worth recalling that, after her late-Nineties indie roots with the band Theaudience, her first solo effort, the Ibiza anthem Groovejet (If this Ain’t Love), ushered in the new millennium by beating Victoria Beckham to number one. Her mum unhelpfully waded into the faux-rivalry by pronouncing Ellis-Bextor “the real Posh” – a product of her solid upper-middle-class west London upbringing (she went to the independent Godolphin & Latymer girls’ school, whose alumni also include Davina McCall and Nigella Lawson).

While the pop landscape around her has changed unutterably – the idea of Beckham pursuing a recording career seems very, well, last century – Ellis-Bextor’s persona has remained the same. A genuine pop/dance fan (she DJs with her husband, sometimes deserting the DJ booth for the dance floor), Ellis-Bextor comes across as smart, sure and media-savvy. Her father is the television producer/director Robin Bextor; her parents divorced when she was three, and she has a quintet of half-siblings

via the Telegraph.

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