The Seger Seven

Steven Hyden and Bob Seger’s 1987 contribution to Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack (“Shakedown”):

Now, if you can get past the troublesome associations, you can also hear what’s great about Seger in these songs — his voice, for one, is incredible, a majestic muscle-car roar charging forcefully out of lungs fermented in only the finest Marlboros. And Seger has undeniable gravitas — he’s not some mealymouthed kid attempting to service your entertainment needs with the authority of a gas-station attendant; he’s a grown man who gets shit done on the regular and never gets recognized for it because that’s what a grown man is supposed to do. Seger is masculine like ’80s action heroes are masculine. He sang the way Chuck Norris used to systematically snap the necks of Russian operatives, exhibiting a casual proficiency and unthinking confidence that now seems both comical (because it’s so utterly divorced from a contemporary context) and more than a little mythic (ditto).

via The Seger Seven.

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