Pitbull Shows His Softer Side With Scent Launch

Women Wear Daily article from November 15th, 2013:

In fact, he was heavily influenced in many things by his mother, Alysha Acosta, who immigrated to the U.S. in the early Sixties as part of Operation Peter Pan, a CIA project that transported to the U.S. from Cuba 14,000 children of parents who opposed Fidel Castro’s revolutionary government. He referred to the Cuban upheaval as the “quote unquote revolution.” He mentioned that his grandmother was “involved in the revolution” and his father came over on the Mariel boat lift.

Growing up in the Eighties during the heyday of “Miami Vice” also tuned Pérez into the world of scent with the sharp-dressed hipsters who “always had a heavy smell to them. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of that — I was more about a softer, sexier smell. I’m in the business of attracting women, not men,” he said with an easygoing laugh.


Pérez has chalked up total music sales in excess of five million albums and 40 million singles worldwide, and he has scored number-one hits in more than 15 countries. The music video for his worldwide hit “Give Me Everything” has drawn over 300 million views on YouTube. Known as “Mr. Worldwide,” Pérez just finished his second world tour, with shows across Asia, and he is contemplating a third round.

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