Street Fighter: The Movie — What went wrong

A terrible movie, a wonderful article. I watched this crap when it premiered at my local mall, it was so frustrating. It is great to be able to read a narrative of how such kind of mess could be created and released.

The Australian Actors Guild, for one, wanted de Souza to hire an Australian for a major part. The only role left to cast was Cammy. And that’s how de Souza found himself on an airplane to Bangkok, flipping through a foreign magazine, skimming for talent. That’s how he found his Cammy. On the cover of Australia’s People Magazine smiled the beautiful face of Kylie Minogue.

After reading the article about her, de Souza realized that the Australian pop star was a huge celebrity with past experience learning lines quickly from her days on an Australian soap opera. Once the plane landed, de Souza booked an appointment with her for the next day. She was hired within hours.

via Polygon

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