Wilson Phillips: The Crash | Music | EW.com (1992)

Fred Goodman reports the Wilson Philips fast decline:

”I’d be dishonest to say I’m not disappointed,” Charles Koppelman, CEO and chairman of SBK Records, says of Shadows and Light. Koppelman believes the album’s sales were hurt by the trio’s last-minute decision to cancel the tour scheduled around its release. ”If anything is missing, it is the girls being on the road,” he says. ”We lost two months of utilizing the best weapon we have: the girls.”

Replies Wilson, ”It’s a really s—-y time to be out there. A lot of groups are either not going out on tour or canceling. If it was up to them (SBK), we’d be out on the road every day of the year.” What do you expect? She adds: ”They’re a record company.”

If both sides seem a bit testy, it indicates how much the relationship between SBK and Wilson Phillips has changed. Initially the group was signed not only to SBK Records but to an SBK-financed management company; many attribute the group’s early success to the teen-friendly, California-girl image cultivated by their manager, Arma Andon, and his SBK Management. But Wilson Phillips declared their independence last year by hiring Trudy Green, who also manages Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, and Heart. Koppelman admits that Green’s attempts to limit SBK’s influence at first rubbed him the wrong way, ”but that’s all history now,” he says. Still, one SBK staffer observes, ”She’s assisted in separating the girls from the label.”

via Wilson Phillips: The Crash | Music | EW.com.

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