Posh pop stars: 60 per cent went to public school (Mail Online)

But none of those chaps is half as posh as James Hillier Blount, the Old Harrovian former officer in the Life Guards, better known to the world as the singer-­songwriter James Blunt.

And it’s not just Hooray ­Henries who are becoming popstars. The Henriettas are at it, too. Lily Allen — who prefers to affect a Mockney accent for her half-sung, half-rapped hits — actually attended Bedales.

Even some X Factor contestants are posher than they pretend. That nice ‘painter and decorator’ Matt Cardle was ­educated at £5,971-a-term Stoke College in Suffolk.

So why are the charts now so posh? And what happened to all those working-class heroes of old?

Of course, there always were a few posh rockers. The original members of Genesis were all boarders at Charterhouse School in Surrey. A smattering of Pink Floyd and Queen members had a private education. By and large, though, decent chaps didn’t join rock bands.

via Posh pop stars: Lily Allen and Florence Welch – 60 per cent went to public school | Mail Online.

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