Mutt Lange and Clive Calder are worth billions (The Shania Forums)

The early 1970s were not a sexy time for South African music, and if Calder knew one thing, it was that to make it big, he had to get out of South Africa, which was wrapped in apartheid. It was the time of the Immorality Act, the Separate Amenities Act when the country was seamed with the idiocies of petty apartheid. To make matters worse, right-wing students regularly broke up his outdoor rock festivals.

Lange had already moved to London and after the 1976 riots, Calder followed and founded what is known today as Zomba Recordings, which he named after a town in Malawi. The centrepiece of Zomba is Jive Records. According to old colleagues, where Calder was, Lange was close behind. Or maybe it was the other way round. Robin Eggar, author of the biography on Shania Twain, is quoted as saying that Lange played a pivotal role in Calder’s success. “Clive and Ralph would have made it, but it would have taken them longer.”

Simon Draper, co-founder of Virgin, recalls the days, “These two rubes turned up. They were throwing their weight around and they wanted to be record producers.” But according to Draper they were very uncool, slightly off the pace. The English sneered at them as they did to so many colonials.

via Article: Mutt Lange and Clive Calder are worth billions [Archive] – The Shania Forums.

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