More Lefstezes

Because there is more than one Bob Lefsetz. At least on twitter.


Very funny. And the most amazing is that I cannot be sure if they are real or not. Anyway, they are easier to read backwards, so here is a selection (I merged the multi-part tweets). Surely deserves more followers (26 right now)

    • 09/05/90 Top Ten Labels 1. Geffen 2. Atlantic 3. Warner Brothers 4. Columbia 5. Elektra 6. MCA 7. Capitol 8. Arista 9. EMI 10. Epic
    • 09/05/90 Top Ten Grudgingly Respected, But Hated Artists 1. Richard Marx 2. Phil Collins 3. Bad English 4. Crosby, Stills & Nash 5. Billy Joel 6. Kenny G 7. Terence Trent D’Arby 8. Chicago 9. Asia 10. Madonna
    • 09/05/90 Top 10 Record Executives 1. David Geffen 2. Irving Azoff 3. Mo Ostin 4. Bob Krasnow 5. Doug Morris 6. Ahmet Ertegun 7. Clive Davis 8. Ed Rosenblatt 9. Tommy Mottola 10. Don Ienner
    • 09/05/90 Top 10 Misconceptions About Soft Rock Records 1. They’re for adults 2. Teenage boys won’t buy them 3. A good voice is enough to sell records 4. Slick is better than raw 5. Personal records aren’t hits 6. The trend is over since Tracy Chapman and Suzanne Vega’s last albums stiffed (relatively speaking) 7. Soft rock records by males have to be wimpy 8. Soft=gutless 9. If you can’t dance to it, it can’t be a hit 10. No one can make a record as good as Joni Mitchell or Jackson Browne, so why try?
    • 07/10/91 Fantasy love is what you have when you’re walking down the street listening to your walkman. When you’re masturbating.
    • 02/05/92 I mean let me tell you this story. About this phone call from Irving Azoff & Don Henley. Sitting around Irving’s office last week. Reading The Lefsetz Letter. They called me to go to dinner. But I didn’t get the message. But not because I wasn’t home. I was home. But I was so burned out. I felt if I had to deal with one more person on the phone, I was going to flip out. So I took a 24 hour hiatus. From my answering machine. From the world. And unless you’re absolutely faded and jaded, right now you’re wincing. Not believing that I fucked up. That I missed out on this magic moment. But you weren’t inside my body. I was at my limit.

@fakeboblefsetz is not such a novel idea, but it has been more prolific and successful. Good old parody.

Checking out the new @myspace. THEY’RE DONE! Just because you take a dump on the grill doesn’t mean it’s STEAK. It’s just WARM SHIT!

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