1. Hi there,
    Your research seems very interesting. This data set must be huge! How many songs were in the Billboard too 100 since 1955? Are you going to publish a paper?

    Your conclusions seem very counter-intuitive, dont they? I remembered some articles from earlier this year supporting the more intuitive conclusion. This one mentions it: http://contraryinvesting.com/social-mood-trends/why-the-stock-markets-direction-may-hinge-on-katy-perrys-next-hit-single/

    I also curious about comparing the hit parade of 1955 with 2009. Music changed a lot independent of the stock market. How do the correlations behave in shorter time frames, say decade-by-decade?

    (I bookmarked both posts here for reference: http://musicfacts2.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/socionomics-and-pop-music-what-katy-perry%e2%80%99s-success-means-for-stocks/

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