The Star Maker of the Semipopular

To the extent that there exists a latter-day canon of semipopular music, made up of the intersection of a handful of linguistically dextrous singer-songwriters, alternative and Spanish-language rockers, dissonant Britpop auteurs, elder postpunk statesmen and makers of cinematic-symphonic electronica, ”Morning Becomes Eclectic” has had much to do with its formation. When Harcourt took over the show in 1998, its reputation as a tastemaker franchise was well established: his predecessors, Tom Schnabel and Chris Douridas, had each been instrumental in turning ears toward an important cluster of contemporary artists, most famously Beck. When Douridas started spinning a test pressing of ”Loser,” it became the station’s original ”pull your car off the road” song, and led to Beck’s being signed by Geffen Records.

via The Star Maker of the Semipopular – New York Times.

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