Giorgio Armani’s Partnership With Lady Gives Designer Creative Edge

A long way since American Gigolo and Miami Vice…

Weeks later, Lady Gaga reached out to Mr. Armani for the video to her hit single “Alejandro;” the singer wanted tight black military-style leather suits for the male dancers. The description fit the image Mr. Armani was playing with for the upcoming men’s collection of his Emporio Armani line. At Emporio’s June fashion show in Milan, models wore the same black bondage outfits as in the video while the “Alejandro” video played on the wall at the back of the runway. Men’s fashion magazine GQ hailed the collection, describing it as “full-on tough, tough clothes for rough, rough boys.”

Armani’s partnership with Lady Gaga is continuing this year—a coup that is particularly notable because edgier brands constantly woo the performer as well. At the VMAs earlier this month, for example, Lady Gaga wore an Alexander McQueen gown in tribute to the designer who committed suicide in February. (She also wore a dress, shoes, purse and hat made of raw meat.)

Though Mr. Armani has designed an entire wardrobe for Lady Gaga since the January Grammys—including for her appearance on American Idol and her “Monster Ball” concert tour—the two have never met. Still, Ms. Armani says that despite the half century between their ages, the two have lots in common—including Lady Gaga’s Italian heritage (the performer’s real name is Stefani Germanotta). And she adds: “Gaga is so avant-garde and he is so timeless that they meet.”

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