26-plus albums featuring celebrities as cover art

The images were chosen by Blake, his gallery owner Robert Fraser, and 75 percent of the Beatles: Ringo Starr opted to go along with whatever the rest of the team suggested. Lennon also suggested Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jesus Christ, but they didn’t make the final cut. (A full map of the cover is available here.) The collage was a nightmare for EMI’s legal department, who had to contact all the living models to seek permission (West initially declined, saying “What would I be doing in a lonely-hearts’ club?” but relented after The Beatles personally sent her a letter.) The iconic cover has been parodied numerous times, with memorable ones coming from Frank Zappa, The Rutles, and The Simpsons.

6. Roxy Music, Siren (1975): Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall wasn’t yet a famous face (outside of the modeling industry, anyway) when she posed for the cover of Siren, but the tall, gregarious Texan became one in the years that followed, thanks in large part to that gig. Hall began dating Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry, then met Mick Jagger, with whom she had a 22-year relationship and four children. All the while, Hall kept modeling, commanding one of the highest rates in the business; later, she became a frequent guest on Late Night With David Letterman, where she told rambling, charming stories about jet-setting with rock stars. Not bad for a mermaid.

via When Elvira met Tom Waits: 26-plus albums featuring celebrities as cover art | Music | Inventory | The A.V. Club.

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