ZZ Top Plays at the Beacon Theater

Lefsetz readers have already been exposed to this outstanding NYT review:

But with this band, newness is barely an issue. ZZ Top has been playing the same sort of blues language since it was formed in Houston in 1969, with roadhouse shuffles or click-track rhythms. Even in a three-minute song, the band members find a groove that could tunnel into eternity. They’ve got it licked.

Mr. Gibbons, who is one of the finest living guitar players — say his name, fold your arms and stand your ground next time you are faced with an Eric Clapton idolater — never tuned between songs, and for the most part played only one instrument: a black GretschBilly-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird, which he designed with Bo Diddley. He used a plastic pick — not a coin, as he has done in the past with his 1959 Gibson Les Paul — but his picking, expressed through a warm, overdriven tone, still sounded heavy and metallic, lumbering and lovely.

via Music Review – ZZ Top – ZZ Top Plays at the Beacon Theater – NYTimes.com.

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