Carla and Mick

I usually avoid gossip items, but I am making an exception for some juicy parts of the upcoming Carla Bruni biography, dealing with her affaire with Mick Jagger (whom she dreamed of dating since she was 15, we are told)

Her discreet love affairs:

“My secret encounter with Mick Jagger lasted eight years. We passed through all of the capitals on earth and no photographer ever surprised us,” Bruni bragged in comparing herself to Nicolas Sarkozy, who is an “amateur” in dealing with—and hiding from—the celebrity press. Sarkozy’s previous marriage to Cécilia Sarkozy began to visibly collapse in the run-up to his 2007 presidential bid, with the normally privacy-friendly French media revealing details and photos of their trysts.

Beating the eternal seducer, Mick Jagger, at this own game:

“He was crazy about her. He would have divorced (model Jerry Hall) to marry Carla. She is the one who didn’t want to,” according to photographer Jean-Marie Perier.

Carla’s moment:

“When she finally learned of her husband’s liaison, Jerry Hall was crushed. She had three children, and was several years older than Carla… For her, it was an unfair fight. Enraged, she called [Bruni] for an explanation.” The author spoke with someone who was with the young Bruni when she got the call from Hall. “With aplomb,” Bruni denied the affair, slowly “pulls the phone away from her own ear… and hangs up.” In Lahouri’s account, “Carla had won… Thanks to [Mick Jagger], her reputation had become global.”

via Carla Bruni: New Book Filled with Revelations – The Daily Beast.

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