With a Little Help From His Friends

The Napster and Facebook co-founder opens up for Vanity Fair:

Actress and activist Trudie Styler, who is married to Sting, invited Parker and his then girlfriend to a retreat for philanthropists and activists that the couple hosted at their Tuscany estate last year. There, Parker met Laura Ziskin, who produced the Spider-Man movies and co-founded a charity called Stand Up to Cancer. “It turned out Sean has an interest in immunology and a belief that it is the next frontier in cancer research,” says Ziskin. “He had talked to as many people about it as I had!” They’re now friends. Styler found herself impressed: “He was just so lovely with everyone, and kind. A higher being. I’m very fond of him.” (Parker also fraternizes in the most elite precincts of global governance and policy—but in his own way. At the World Economic Forum in January, he was disappointed in the quality of the nightlife in Davos and speculated with relish that he could throw the all-time-best forum party if he took over a big local venue and brought in some of his rock-star friends.)

via With a Little Help From His Friends | Culture | Vanity Fair. (via Lefsetz)

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