Brandon Flowers on His Solo Debut

The Flamingo has landed and talked to Vanity Fair:

Q: I read that some of these solo songs were going to be possible early material for a future Killers record. Why put them out now?

A: It’s still how indefinite how long our break is going to be. I thought, I can’t sit on these songs. I love to write and I don’t want to come to the table the next time the Killers get together with 50 songs. That would be unfair to them and it would be difficult for me. I really want the next Killers album to be a collaboration.

Q: As a fan of pop-music history, you must know there are some artists who do that solo record that’s as big or bigger than the band records. Phil Collins is probably the quintessential example. And there are some that are consciously smaller efforts, like, “I’m gonna go play jazz with these guys.” Yours already has a hit single and seems consciously high-profile. Was it something you discussed with them? The size of the album.

A: They know me well enough to know I’d be going for it. I always thought it’d be strange that people would not go for it. Or that people would limit themselves or only want a certain demographic to listen to their music. So it’s definitely no surprise to the other guys that there’s going to be a couple of big songs on this record.

via Complete Transcript: Brandon Flowers on His Solo Debut, Flamingo | VF Daily | Vanity Fair.

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