Top 10 Jobs Never Seen in Movies

The writtten post does not live up to the potential of the idea, but this graph above quite nails it.

A Hollywood world come to life in this way would be anarchic, with the average citizen being hung from the lampposts as high-powered lawyers would go after the civil liberty abuses and backroom beatdowns that are the specialty of jaded cops, the two canceling each other out in terms of benefit to society. On the bright side, society’s collapse would be well documented by intrepid reporters and everybody would be looking fabulous thanks to the input of the unusually large number of folks involved in the fashion industry. As it rains fire outside, passionate inner city teachers would be inspiring their young charges to abandon a life of perpetual felony crime by introducing them to the collected works of Judy Blume.

via Top 10 Jobs Never Seen in Movies | The Shark Guys.

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