Music Ally

Very cool aggregation of data:

Every day, Music Ally sends out a news bulletin to our premium subscribers, aggregating and analysing the key industry stories from the last 24 hours. It’s in the inboxes of label executives, managers, publishers, tech startups, entertainment lawyers and other subscribers by 9.30am every morning.

Here’s a new thing we’re doing: a monthly presentation where we collect together some of the key facts and figures that have been published in the Bulletin. The first one is published today, for June 2010, and you can find it embedded above. This first one includes data on everything from the Black Eyed Peas’ digital success and Spotify’s Swedish royalties through to Apple’s App Store and UK consumers’ attitudes to piracy.

The second edition is available too. And there is a free sample of their biweekly report. Just a sample:

From the archives… Issue of 18 June 2007: Is USB memory stick music a gimmick or genius? Universal is continuing its efforts to find out, with plans to release new singles by Keane and Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger as £4.99 memory sticks. For the extra price, fans get, well, a memory stick, but also videos and other multimedia.
Now we say… Standard £4.99 USBs proved neither gimmicky or genius – just plain pointless. In order to create a perceived value in a USB, it has to be a premium product. The Beatles £200 apple-shaped drive and Get Busy Committee’s $19.99 USB Uzi show that these days it’s about the blend of music and merchandise that makes them collectable items in their own right.

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