…Banned Recordings…

Julian White is also serious about making rock music lists. For example, the songs banned by the BBC.

Because of Advertising:

  • › Paul Simon – Kodachrome – Advertising – 197?
  • › The Kinks – Lola – was originally banned because it mentioned Coca-Cola, was later changed to Cherry Cola to get airplay. – 1970
  • › Paul Simon – Me and Julio – Originally banned for referring to Newsweek magazine. – 1972
  • › Dr Hook & the Medicine show – The cover of Rolling Stone – Advertising – 1972
  • › Dr Hook & the Medicine show – The Cover of the Radio Times – Tried to get around the ban by sucking up to the BBC with this version! – 1972
  • › Danny Williams – “You’re Fabulous Babe” – 1977. Banned due to advertising. Babe was a perfume.
  • › Pink Floyd – IT WOULD BE SO NICE, April 1968. The lyrics mentioned the British newspaper The Evening Standard. The record could not be played on UK radio. As a result, Pink Floyd had to spend about $1000 to replace the Evening Standard with Daily Standard to appease the BBC. The record failed in the charts despite the touch of controversy. Another thing, the copies sold in shops were the Evening Standard version, but all releases available now are the corrected version.
  • › Jimmy Buffett’s single, “come Monday” contained the line, “I’ve got my Hush Puppies on.” Since the BBC considered this to be advertising he re-recorded that line so it said, “I’ve got my hiking shoes on.”

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