Elmer Bernstein and Animal House

In 1977, he was thrust into composing for a wholly new idiom of filmmaking when he was asked by director John Landis to score the comedy Animal House. Bernstein had written the music for every kind of movie, from Westerns to science fiction, but had never scored a comedy. He hesitated, but Landis said that he wanted Bernstein to do exactly what he always did in scoring and, in fact, wanted the kind of big-theme, big-sound scoring that he was known for. As it turned out, the mix of his dignified music underscoring the film’s physical comedy lent a deeper veneer of humor to the movie, making it seem even more satirical. Animal House was a huge success and opened up a whole new class and variety of film to Bernstein’s talents. Over the next few years, he wrote the music for such comedies as Airplane, Stripes, Ghostbusters, and Three Amigos!

via allmusic ((( Elmer Bernstein > Biography ))).

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