Donald Passman interview

While it’s true that Passman did negotiate the reported $70,000,000 deal for Janet Jackson, and recently topped that by nabbing a reported $80,000,000 for R.E.M. in their deal with Warner Brothers, I found him to be much more humble and gracious than people with far less to brag about.

If you could change anything about the way the music industry currently operates, what would that be?

…I think I would make the deals a lot simpler. I think they’ve gotten ridiculously complicated over the years. When I started doing this, records deals were 15 to 20 pages. Now they’re 120 to 130 pages. To me it’s sort of insane. I think that most of it is a waste of words and paper and could be done a lot easier and a lot quicker. Admittedly, the world is more complex, but I still think it’s gotten way out of hand. I would make things much simpler.

via Donald Passman interview.

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