Would Beatles make it in today’s music world?

When the Beatles became famous in the UK in 1963, and then invaded the U.S. in February of ’64, there was a finite number of record companies and a finite number of radio stations that played records made by those companies. There was a framework in place for success.

Andrew Loog Oldham was intimately familiar with it. As the manager of the Rolling Stones in the ‘60s, he helped guide the creative energies of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts & Co. while also devising a plan to sell the bad boys of rock and roll to the world.

“In the ’60s, we had the advantage that the game was incremental,” Oldham said. “For example, you were allowed to make a 45 rpm (single). If that did OK, then you were allowed another one, then a 33 1/3 EP. … It was a very good process for an act to be able to pace themselves and grow.”

via Would Beatles make it in today’s music world? – Entertainment – Music – TODAYshow.com.

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